Fiber Science Laboratory Technician (Temporary)

Newark, New Jersey, United States Part-time


Position Summary –

This temporary position will be that of a member of the project team and the person responsible for performing the fiber processing experiments as defined by the project team. The Technician will participate in the formulation of the experimental design and suggest necessary equipment modifications needed for project success. Specifically, the incumbent will perform super-drawing experiments on the precursor materials provided to the NJII project team by Polymer Plus and Case Western Reserve University following team provided experimental design. The Technician will be the person responsible for performing processing experiments, describing the experiments in reports and providing input to the project team based on his perspective as a fibers processing expert.


Person Reports To – Position reports to the Principal Investigator of the Multilayer Forced Assembly Fibers program, Dr. Michael Jaffe.

Essential Functions –

  1. Perform drawing and related experiments on provided fiber/tape precursors.
  2. Participate in the design and interpretation of experimental activities.
  3. Participate in project weekly meetings and contribute to project reports
  4. Execute assignments as defined by the project PI.

Additional Functions –

Prerequisite Qualifications – A minimum of 20 years  of industrial and laboratory experience in solid state polymer processing relevant to increasing the molecular orientation of fiber and tape structures

Education/Degree Required A High School degree is required. 

Knowledge/Skills Required  

Experience in polymer processing research and manufacturing with emphasis on fiber processing and characterization


Preferred Qualifications -

Ability to work well in a team environment, experience in working on Department of Defense ( DOD) sponsored programs

Experience in fiber processing for a decade or more is desirable.




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