NJHIN Executive Director

Newark, NJ Full-time

Position Summary – The Executive Director for New Jersey Health Information Network will be responsible for Program development and management of NJll's emerging Health Information Network platform, and acting in the role of Executive Director.  Relationship building with Department of Health and NJHIN members.

Person Reports To – Senior Executive Director


Supervises – N/A


Essential Functions –

  1. Management of NJHIN and recruitment of Trusted Data Sharing Organization members.
  2. Execute deliverables supporting the Master Person Index (MPI) project and patient matching optimization.
  3. Develop and facilitate the Advisory Council for NJHIN.


Additional Functions –

  1. Work with vendors and technology partners to achieve project
  2. Available 'after hours' and/or weekends for consultation or escalation of critical issues, on an as-available
  3. Assistance and review of ongoing development of HIPAA compliance program and in pursuit of HiTrust certification.
  4. Provide regular updates to Chief Technology Officer, and other project stakeholders, as
  5. Liaison to NJDOH in support of NJHIN objectives and Implementation and Planning Document (IAPD) deliverables.


  1. Other assignments that are mutually


Prerequisite Qualifications –

  1. Education requirements: Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration


  1. Experience: Minimum 15 years in healthcare with 15 years in executive leadership


  1. Essential Characteristics
    • Understand provider role, workflows and challenges
    • Understand hospital operations, workflows and challenges
    • Understand interoperability and HIE landscape
    • Understand payment models and healthcare finance
    • Interpersonal skills and ability to engage with complex customers
    • Understand IT contracts and ability to review and assist in negotiations
    • Understand HIPAA, compliance and data sharing frameworks



Preferred Qualifications –

  1. Able to effectively demonstrate client relationship management skills -
  2. Strong interpersonal skills inclusive of team collaboration, communication, work ethic and flexibility in thinking and operating style
  3. Strong analytical skills that emphasize project management and analysis in order to identify, measure and quantify trends, issues and opportunities
  4. Ability to use technical skills and creativity to graphically represent concepts
  5. Strategic planning skills where the incumbent has the ability to present strategic insights based on internal and external data to gain alignment of major initiatives

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