Associate Vice President, Innovation Commercialization Programs

Newark, New Jersey, United States Full-time

Position Summary – The New Jersey Innovation Institute (NJII) seeks a dynamic,

creative, and effective leader to inaugurate and implement the visionary redesign of its

innovation commercialization program suite. These programs build upon NJIT’s historic

leadership in leading NJ’s oldest and largest technology incubator, the Enterprise

Development Center. The redesigned program suite leverages this history with robust

opportunities for NJII to provide additional services to large corporate partners working

with the NJII iLabs, startups and scale ups in those same verticals, and investment

funds seeking lower risk deal flow in the fast evolving innovation ecosystem of the

greater NYC and NJ metro region. The successful incumbent will be developing a suite

of programs with significant implications for innovation commercialization services in the

U.S. and globally. Please apply if your passions and skill set lead you to guide and

develop programs that generate a global reputation.


About the New Jersey Innovation Institute (NJII): NJII is a New Jersey Institute of

Technology (NJIT) corporation that applies the intellectual and technological resources

of the state’s science and technology university to challenges identified by industry

partners in collaboration with government and other universities. NJII is charged with

articulating NJIT’s industrial research and economic development missions through

cutting edge, industry-facing programs and a unique organizational and programmatic

interface designed to facilitate productive partnerships. Started as a $33M operation in

2014, NJII is now a nearly $80M enterprise. Upon full development, NJII’s operating

budget will grow to more than double that figure. NJII’s primary program areas include:

1) vertically-aligned innovationLabs (iLabs) in: a) biopharma, b) defense and homeland

security, c) civil infrastructure, d) healthcare delivery systems, and e) financial

engineering and technology; and, 2) horizontally-aligned coreLabs or functions in: a)

data analytics, b) advanced manufacturing, c) economic and cluster development; and,

d) technology and enterprise development. NJII offers competitive salary and benefits.

About NJII’s innovationLabs (iLabs): NJII’s network of iLabs serve as “marketfacing”

innovation platforms to bridge the technology development gap for regional

companies and connect university intellectual resources with industry’s production

focus. NJII’s iLabs:

● Build R&D capacity, agendas, and projects to fill gaps in forward-looking,

industrial technology development

● Support active, multidisciplinary teams (including faculty, scientists, industrialists,

entrepreneurs, and highly talented students) that investigate and solve real


●Deploy a use-inspired problem focus in research agendas

● Host virtual and applied laboratories with specialized equipment.


The Associate Vice President, Innovation Commercialization Programs is responsible

for the implementation and delivery of NJII’s technology acceleration, technology

adoption and investment fund management products and services. This program suite

will be delivered in partnership with NJII iLab and cLab senior management. These

capabilities are part of NJII’s overall Innovation Commercialization Framework and

leverage NJII’s various iLabs and program units into value propositions targeting

corporate innovation, high potential startups and scale ups, and investment funds. NJII

possesses a broad reach within these three markets, a reach which stems from

numerous relationships that combine with “cross-functional” assets and capabilities.

NJII sits in the middle of the innovation commercialization ecosystem and is committed

to expanding programs that leverage this position. Technology Acceleration includes

world-class scouting, selection, development training, consulting services, programs,

connections, investment opportunities, and curation for cohorts of technology startup

and scaleup companies while Technology Adoption positions NJII’s externally-facing

iLabs and program units as sales channels in leveraging corporate relationships to

market Innovation-as-a-Service subscriptions. The Investment Fund Management

provides services and partnerships to capital funds to enhance their deal flow of curated



The Associate Vice President will bring unquestioned expertise in working with these

three markets; design and deliver world-class innovation commercialization solutions;

oversee a program delivery organization; support program sales and revenue

generation; work to manage program plans, timelines, resources, tasks and logistics

required for the successful execution of activities; and, provide effective program

coordination and marketing outreach through attention to details with excellent

communication skills and strong sense of customer relationship management. S/He will

be an exceptionally talented individual.


Person Reports to – NJII Vice President Technology Commercialization and

Entrepreneurial Innovation


Essential Functions

1. Work directly with NJII senior iLab and cLab managers on the establishment of

strategies, objectives, and successful business models to develop, market, and execute 

2. Identify and engage with target technology startup and scale up companies that

become highly-vetted, de-risked candidates for participation in technology acceleration

cohort programs. Review company participation with iLab and cLab managers and

corporate sponsors

3. Design and oversee customized program and workshop delivery – facilities,

subject matter experts/educators, materials for participants

4. In conjunction with the NJII Strategic Communications Director, develop

marketing materials including social media initiatives for the Technology Acceleration

and Technology Adoption services

5. Oversee the preparation and distribution a bi-monthly electronic newsletter

6. Maintain website content for Technology Acceleration and Technology Adoption


7. Maintain client information in the Salesforce CRM

8. Collect and track performance evaluation metrics on programs and clients –

existing and graduates

9. Prepare reports for program sponsors

10. Manage budget and prepare quarterly updates

11. Manage and develop staff (to be hired based on revenue milestones)


Additional Functions

Additional duties as assigned to support the development and implementation of NJII’s

Innovation Commercialization framework

Prerequisite Qualifications

1. Education/Degree Required

· BS degree with evidence of a strong academic GPA in business or equivalent field

or experience suggesting in-depth knowledge of business, finance, innovation

management, and/or enterprise development.

2. Years of Experience Required

· Minimum 10 years’ experience in working with innovation management, technology

commercialization, startups, or venture capital in the area of healthcare, bio-pharma,

defense/homeland security, smart city/ civil infrastructure, or financial services.

3. Essential Characteristics


· Leadership – demonstrates substantive breadth and depth, strength of purpose,

consensus building acumen and organizational savvy

· Creativity / Innovation – demonstrates substantive knowledge of the disciplines and

respectful of competing interests and parameters of implementation

 Fluent in using the latest technology for personal and team productivity

· Service oriented with ability to demonstrate what sets you apart from others who

consider themselves service oriented

· Excellent writer – articulate and to the point. Ability to prepare clear reports and

studies that include findings and recommendations


Preferred Qualifications –

· STEM Major in an area relevant to NJII’s project portfolio

· MBA or equivalent degree suggesting advanced knowledge of business, finance,

innovation management, and/or enterprise development.

· Managerial experience - at least 5 years with supervisory responsibilities

· Experience with and interest in entrepreneurs, startups, corporate innovation,

and/or investment fund management.


To build a diverse workforce, NJII encourages applications from individuals with disabilities, minorities, veterans, and women. NJII is

an EEO employer. For any employees holding any clinical licenses; e.g. MD, DO, RN, etc., it is required that your license be

maintained in "good standing" status. Good standing can include INACTIVE or RETIRED statuses.


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