Research Chemist

Newark, New Jersey, United States Full-time


Position Summary – The position requires significant knowledge and experience in research and commercial organic synthesis, chemical purity determination of newly synthesized compounds by proton and carbon NMR and thermal characterization methods. The applicant should be familiar with epoxy formulations suitable for can lining applications and have experience with the use of renewal chemistries to develop non BPA containing epoxy backbones. A background in isosorbide chemistry is essential.

Person Reports To –                                                                                  

This position reports to Dr. Michael Jaffe, Principal Materials Scientist of the New Jersey Innovation Institute.

Supervises – N/A

Essential Functions –

  • Perform synthesis of isosorbide based diglycidyl ethers meeting the low water uptake and high Tg requirements of epoxy formulations suitable for metal food and pharmaceutical can lining applications
  • Execute characterization of epoxy performance relevant to can linings, including water uptake, modulus and solubility in cooked foods over a range of Phs is also critical
  • Responsible for conducting laboratory safety
  • Identify and order necessary chemicals and solvents
  • Prepare research reports, write technical papers and give presentations as appropriate

Additional Functions – N/A

Prerequisite Qualifications –

  1. Education/Degree Required

Ph.D. in physical or synthetic organic synthesis


  1. Years of Experience Required


Minimum 20 years of experience in academic and industrial organic synthesis, chemical scale-up and chemical product development


  1. Knowledge/Skills Required
  • Research and commercial organic synthesis, experience in chemical product development
  • Experience in the detailed characterization of new organic compounds by NMR, thermal analysis and various spectroscopic techniques is required


Preferred Qualifications -

  • Ability to communicate with academic and industrial chemists, write project reports and make project presentations to various stakeholders
  • Preferred Competencies include:
    • Technical Capacity
    • Thoroughness
    • Communication Proficiency
    • Problem Solving/Analysis

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