Cybersecurity Engineer

Newark, New Jersey, United States | IT | Full-time


Position Summary –

New Jersey Innovation Institute (NJII) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NJIT University that applies the innovative, intellectual and technological resources of the university to the challenges identified by our industry partners. NJII Healthcare iLab brings NJIT expertise and innovation to health care systems in a fast-paced, creative, data-driven, energetic, academic setting.


We rely on core values of integrity, collaboration, purpose, innovation, learning, excellence, leadership and courage to achieve our vision of catalyzing the renewal of NJ’s key industries resulting in better products, stronger companies and vibrant clusters producing more NJ jobs. We believe happiness is seriously good for business. Twenty years of research show happiness positively impacts every business outcome, therefore our commitment is to continually improve our culture to increase employee happiness and engagement.    


Level 3 Associates have a role to lead, educate, assist, present, collaborate and use their knowledge with multiple teams to contribute to the organization’s goal of using data analytics to help physicians, hospitals and other stakeholders improve health care quality for every patient while lowering costs.


Person Reports to – Manager or Director

Supervises - Manages at least 2 projects, assists team members & coaches 2-5 staff members

Essential Functions -





Manages + Develops staff

Manages at least 2 projects, assists team members & coaches 2-5 staff members



Creates and manages project plans with moderate supervision.



Can articulate on a building awareness of quality & compliance issues


Business Development

Identifies key business needs/issues while documenting requirements of execution


Teamwork & Collaboration

Project Team collaboration - leads members of external team in a state of readiness & cooperation


Recognition and Leveraging knowledge

Proactively develops knowledge, identifies needs, issues and solutions


Communication/ Verbal + Written

Professionally leads and/or presents internally. Verbal + written communication is accurate.



Reviews, creates and/or finalizes professional documents for review by manager


Job Specific Functions-

  • Implement the cybersecurity requirements of networks, systems and applications, documenting them in formal security engineering documents using the Risk Management Framework and supporting artifacts associated with risk assessments.
  • Provide subject matter expertise on architecture, authentication, and systems security.  leading security incident response efforts
  • Configuration of Windows and Linux host-based security as well as network and cloud-based security systems
  • Installation and configuration of network security architectures, including firewalls, Demilitarized Zones (DMZ), router ACLs (Access Control Lists), and web content filters
  • Conducts periodic tests, and scans of networks to find and mitigate vulnerabilities. This includes the monitoring and response to Intrusion Detection System (IDS) cues and anti-virus alerts
  • Communicate network security issues to peers and management
  • Read and use the results of mobile code, malicious code, and anti-virus software
  • Designing secure networks, systems and application architectures
  • Implement disaster recovery, computer forensic tools, technologies and methods
  • Ensure all systems included but not limited to: Desktops/Laptops, Smartphones, Servers, Network are secured and patches are up to date. 


Additional Functions

  • Collaborate with other service lines to develop high-quality products that enhances infrastructure level security
  • Ensure that the company’s sensitive information and IT equipment are kept safe by implementing the correct security measures


Prerequisite Qualifications –

Education/Degree Required

  • Bachelor's degree in Technology, Business Administration, Finance, Health Administration, or a related field
  • The education requirement may be waived by the Senior Vice President if work experience is relevant.


Years of Experience

  • Minimum of five (5) year of relevant experience


Knowledge/Skills Required

  • A solid understanding of information security standards & methodologies
  • Experience with Cloud computing (AWS/AZURE) products and security controls
  • Direct experience with implementing anti-virus software, intrusion detection, firewalls and content filtering
  • Knowledge of implementing and operationalizing risk assessment tools, technologies and methods
  • Experience with third party risk analysis and management
  • Ability to understand and build systems in compliance with the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) Top Ten Risk Factors
  • Understanding of the OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) model and well-known ports and services
  • Relevant mid-level networking experience with the TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) stack
  • Experience planning, researching and developing security policies, standards and procedures
  • Professional experience in a system administration role supporting multiple platforms and applications
  • Strong understanding of endpoint security solutions to include File Integrity Monitoring and Data Loss Prevention
  • Current knowledge around web and mobile application vulnerabilities, attacks, and mitigation methods
  • Experience with Mobile Security Review and Testing (iOS or Android)


Preferred Qualifications

  • 5+ years of relevant work experience with incident detection, incident response, forensics, such as application security reviews, security engineering, and security analysis,
  • 5+ years of relevant work experience in implementing and managing secure infrastructure and network systems.
  • Experience with Firewalls (functionality and maintenance), Office 365 Security, VSX and Endpoint Security.
  • Proficiency in Python, C++, Java, Ruby, Node, Go and/or Power Shell.
  • Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Proficiency in MS Office, particularly Excel
  • Expert interpersonal skills
  • Self-starter, resourceful (independently seeks and finds resources, information, knowledge, and/or tools to complete tasks as needed)
  • Experience or knowledge of health information technology, including but not limited to electronic health records (EHR), patient care flow, and hospital computer systems