Additive Manufacturing Intern

Newark, New Jersey, United States Part-time

Position: Additive Manufacturing Intern

US Army ARDEC and its strategic partners, NJIT & NJII, is seeking AM interns to support activities of the US Army and its strategic partners.  The positions allow the opportunities to examine interest and capabilities to support ARDEC missions, focusing on design, fabrication, testing, and integration of advanced manufacturing, printed electronics and 3D system.   The additive manufacturing internship is designed to give experience in a cutting-edge technology and to help advance the US Industrial Base in workforce development. This role will involve assisting with the “Printed Electronics Energetics Materials & Sensors (PEEMS),” Additive Manufacturing, and ADAPT Programs sponsored by US Army ARDEC.



  • Responsible for specific projects involved with the Additive Materials Technology Branch
  • Responsible for specific projects associated with PEEMS
  • Responsible for specific projects involved with the ADAPT
  • Responsible for specific projects associated with Picatinny STEM
  • Determine which parts make sense to produce via additive manufacturing
  • Assist with determining additional technologies or support systems that are needed to make additive manufacturing successful
  • Design processes and systems for the efficient creation of parts via additive manufacturing
  • Test and Characterize materials and devices used in Additive Manufacturing & Printed Electronics Processes
  • Perform other related duties as assigned



  • US Citizenship
  • Background Check
  • HS Diploma
  • Enrollment in College Courses (STEM curriculum field(s) required
  • Majoring in science, math, technology, engineering, or education
  • GPA: 2.8
  • Experience with additive manufacturing or 3D printing
  • Fluent in spoken and written English
  • Ability to work well with teams to solve complex problems
  • Able to work independently and proactively on given projects
  • Good problem solving and analytical skills
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Additive manufacturing experience with polymers and metal parts fabrication preferred
  • Previous experience working with Depart of Defense and/or US Government preferred

Criminal Background Check

In accordance with the Criminal Background Checks for the Protection of Children Act of 2004, this position has been designated and identified as one which requires a criminal background check and/or traffic record check. If you are tentatively selected for the position, a criminal background check will be conducted. A final offer of employment is contingent upon the receipt of a satisfactory criminal background check.

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