Director of Business Development, Biopharma Innovation

Newark, NJ Full-time

Title: Director of Business Development, Biopharma Innovation

Reports: Dr. Tim Franklin, NJII VP and COO

Start Date: July 1, 2016

End Date: September 31, 2016 (subject to reappointment based on available funding)


1. Support NJII leadership through effective project management and program development across all

stakeholders related to biopharma innovation projects including the NIST FFO that has generated

the Innovative Medicines Manufacturing Institute (IMMI) proposal.

2. Identify and develop relationships with members of life sciences/ biopharma industry to help utilize

NJII and partner organization assets and advance the IMMI proposal and project development.

3. Serve as the business and business development lead on NJII’s biopharma innovation lab’s (iLab)

short and long term development, including advancing business strategies and developing value

propositions that clearly communicate the benefits of working with NJII and its biopharma iLab.

4. Collect and propagate the ‘voice of customer’ from the biopharmaceutical and life sciences industry

to inform NJII programs and program development.

5. Identify opportunities and develop new programs and service offerings at NJII.

6. In collaboration with the technical leads, initiate communications with local biopharmaceutical

businesses and industries and evaluate the creation of “potential project” opportunities that NJII

can assist in solving their technical challenges.

7. Implement CRM system across NJII with the exception of Health IT, Tech Transfer and PTAC.

8. As appropriate to NJII’s mission, serve as an advisor to new start-ups by working with scientific

founders to convert life science technologies into successful ventures.

9. Perform other duties as assigned.

Required Experience:

The ideal candidate will have:

 Profit & loss, as well as business development and management experience, including managing

budgets at multiple sites.

 Experience and the ability to manage teams within a matrix organization.

 Comfort in managing collaborations and alliances with multiple partners.

 Demonstrated experience in leading teams with diverse functional and cultural backgrounds.

 Broad understanding of intellectual property issues in the biopharmaceutical industry and familiarity

with the regulatory challenges in development and approval of biopharmaceutical products.

Required Qualifications:

 An MBA or related degree with a scientific undergrad degree from an accredited university


 10 or more years of biopharmaceutical industry experience in progressive leadership positions.

Preferred Qualifications:

 Additional experience in life science consulting will be preferred.

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