NJII Research & PV Program Director

Newark, New Jersey, United States Full-time

Position Summary –

Primarily this role will serve to research solar cell processing and technology.  Secondarily, the incumbent will pursue PV R&D contracts for NJII. He/she assists and helps NJIT faculty in PV area to write proposals, prepare budgets, execute the contracts, and write reports to the funding firms.  He/she spends most of his/her working hours at the NJIT/NJII PV R&D center, helping the center director (NJIT faculty) to run the center.  He/she will also engage in his/her own R&D projects that will compliment this role.

Person Reports To –  NJII CEO and CNBM New Energy Materials Research Center Director

Supervises – CNBM Center technicians; Faculty, postdocs, and students using CNBM Center facility

Essential Functions –

  1. Develop theory of control of CdTe solar cell defect density.
  2. Develop Cd-rich CdTe solar cell processing technology.
  3. Develop ZMO front end processing using magnetron sputtering system.
  4. Maintain and manage the CNBM Center facility.
  5. Set up a new facility at the CNBM Center.
  6. Assist the CNBM Center Director Dr, Chin to write R&D proposal and report.
  7. Assist the CNBM Center Director Dr. Chin to organize and fulfill CNBM Center’s PV R&D projects.


Additional Functions–

  1. Research, design, process, and characterization of thin film PV materials and devices.
  2. Seeking new opportunities in PV R&D.

Prerequisite Qualifications –

  1. Education/Degree Required
  • D. in physics, materials science and engineering, chemistry, EE, or chemical engineering


  1. Years of Experience Required
  • 10 years of experience in PV R&D



  1. Knowledge/Skills Required
  • Previous experience with thin film PV materials process and characterization
  • Knowledge of thin film solar cell design, process, and characterization
  • Knowledge of thin film solar energy pilot line design and installation
  • Knowledge of Semiconductor and vacuum technology


Preferred Qualifications -

  • Commitment to PV R&D
  • Good problem solving skills
  • Good oral and written communication skills

Apply for this opening at http://njii.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk0f95q?apply=true