Research Technician

Newark, NJ Full-time

Position Summary –This position entails laboratory work concerning the vacuum deposition and processing of thin film materials aimed at fabricating thin film solar cells. It also involves optical measurements of the films and electrical measurement of solar cell performance.


Location: CNBM Center, Microelectronics Building, NJIT, rooms 202,205, 207.


Reports to - Dr. Alan Delahoy, General Manager, CNBM New Energy Materials Research Center at NJIT


Essential Functions – One or more of the following activities will be performed every day: deposition of metal oxides by hollow cathode sputtering; construction of laser absorption apparatus; measurement of photoluminescence; measurement of optical properties of thin films; measurement of solar cell I-V curves; and summarizing experimental results in report form.


Additional Functions – The following activities may be required from time to time: maintenance of detailed lab records, measurement databases, and other documentation; contribution to phased contract reports.


Prerequisite Qualifications -

1. Education requirements: M.S. in engineering or physical science required

2. Experience requirements: One year of laboratory experience in thin films and photovoltaic technology, including operation of vacuum systems.

3. Knowledge/Skills requirements: Some knowledge of semiconductors, thin film processing, and optics is required. The ability to work skillfully with common tools and to cut and drill metals is also



Preferred Qualifications – Experience with electronic instruments, soldering, vacuum connections, and leak checking would be a plus.


PT/FT – Part time; expected hours per week 28, compensation on hourly basis at $20/h

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